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ISAC Festival | 19, 20/06 @Tour à Plomb — 21/06 @Brigittines

This year ISAC Festival will take place in two venues over three consecutive nights to present the works of ISAC participants → After 10 days of residency, ISAC participants take the stage of Centre Tour à Plomb during two evenings on June 19th and 20th to present their choreographic work to the public. Full Programme

→ On the 21rst ISAC Master graduate participants will present their choreographic work at Les Brigittines during one evening.

Full Programme ISAC ​|​ Institut Supérieur des Arts et des Chorégraphies is the dance, performance and choreography department of the ​Instruction Publique de la Ville de Bruxelles ​within the Royal Art Academy in Brussels. The programme trains artists through body and dance practices as a means of research and expression for their artistic creations, inhabiting a space between choreography and the visual arts.

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