For enrolling in EUR-ISAC study program, you have to attend one of the two admission sessions organised: in June or in September.

June session: between 8th and 10th of June 2021.

September session: between 1st and 3rd of September 2021.


For the academic year 2021/2022, the admission sessions will take the form of an online interview after submitting your complete application including the required documents for your artistic dossier.


EUR-ISAC study program includes at least 2 study years, it is therefore highly recommended to integrate it in B1 or M1. Applicants for B2 and B3 need to justify it both administratively and artistically.

Application deadline 

For the June session: 28 of Mai 2021

For the September session: Between 21st June and 25th of August 2021

In order to apply for the admissions session, you need to fill in and submit your application in ARBA-ESA with the required documents here.

You will be asked to attach your complete artistic dossier.


Artistic dossier

In order to enroll in EUR-ISAC study program, the artistic dossier will include:


  • A cover letter (B1-B2-B3-M1)

  • A video made for the audition (3 to 5 min maximum) of a solo/body work (B1-B2-B3-M1). The focus of the jury will be on the artistic content and not on the technical video-skills. 

*the link to the video can be included in a separate document. 

  • CV 

  • Artistic portfolio (with your previous work) are not mandatory for candidates with no prior training or applying for B1.

  • Artistic research project outlining the research you wish to conduct (M1)


The documents attached in your application should be entitled: surname _name_ content 

ex. khoury_krystel_coverletter; khoury_krystel_CV; khoury_krystel_projet and submitted here

Individual interview

Due to the lockdown measures, the admission sessions for the Bachelor’s and Master’s Program
for the academic year 2021/2022 will be held online.

After reviewing the applications, all the candidates will be invited to an individual interview with
the pedagogical team through an online platform. You will receive and email with the date, time
and platform 3 days before the interview.

For applications received before June 5, the interviews will be held on June 8, 9, 10 2021.

For applications received before August 25, the interviews will be held between on September 1, 2, 3 2021.

Admission procedure

Following the interview, you will be notified on the portal of the final result.

If you are admitted, it is mandatory to complete your administrative dossier by providing all the required documents (please check details on the portal) in order finalize your registration to the Arba-Esa.


Diploma Equivalence procedure

For all candidates with a positive response who are integrating the Bachelor Program and holding a non Belgian High School Diploma, a request for equivalence of their diploma or certificate of completion of their secondary studies must be submitted to the Equivalence Service of the Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Please check:


It is therefore highly recommended for September session candidates to have already prepared a copy of their diploma (with a certified translation – if the diploma in not in French) in order to directly submit it to the Equivalence Service of the Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation – if the admission response is positive – because the deadline will be of a couple of days.


For all candidates enrolling in the Bachelor Program and holding a non Belgian High School Diploma, who will not submit a request for equivalence of their diploma to the Equivalence Service of the Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation in due time, the final registration to the Arba-Esa will be suspended.

More information here


Tuition Fees

Upon admission and in order to finalize your registration to ArBa-Esa, a tuition fee is to be settled.

More info here


Financial Aid

You can apply for a financial aid at the Social Aide Office of the academy when completing your final registration at ArBa-Esa.


For any other information regarding ISAC, don’t hesitate to contact us: