ISAC as an artistic platform within the atelier Espace Urbain -EUR, offers an experimental and organic program. Following the Royal Academy of Fine Arts ArBa-EsA educational requirements, ISAC  unfolds in a three-years Bachelor program (180 credits), and a two-years Master program (120 credits) comprising ISAC study program as the major practical artistic workshop combined with transversal theory courses in other fields such as philosophy, sociology, history of arts etc. with other students from the academy.


ISAC-EUR program aims to be experimental and organic artistically offering a window to the professional world through encounters and institutional collaborations initiating research formats, residencies or public presentations.

The program focuses on the collective as driving force for working and creation and, emphasizes on horizontal learning. Students are expected to display curiosity, self-initiative and investigative attitude independently to develop the most adapted knowledge and skills to their artistic project and make it grow.


The program is based on diverse learning formats with the aim to articulate theory and practice where each student is invited to nourish his artistic research autonomously with a self-study attitude. It also considers artists encounters and sharing of practices as a key to any artistic growth, development and inspiration.

Language requirements : the courses of ISAC are taught in French and English. The theoretical classes shared with the rest of the Academy curriculum are led in French. A knowledge of both English and French will be necessary to follow the ISAC Programme.

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Sabine Cmelniski

Assistant Professor

Pedagogical Team

Krystel Khoury

Professor, Head of Department

Simon Asencio 




Barbara Manzetti

Fernando Belfiore

Gérald Kurdian

Nadia Beugrè 

Quinsy Gario

Mentors: Simon Asencio, Carolina Mendonça, Louise Vanneste

Regular Classes

Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld

Anja Röttgerkamp

Lisa Baliasjana

Milo Slayers

Youness Khoukhou

Guest Artists 2021 - 2022

Reading Session with *rile

Chloé Chignell

Sven Dehens


Cours à choix

Juliette Otter



Andrea Zavala Folache

Latifa Laâbissi

Lisa Vereertbrugghen

Mette Ingvartsen

Simon Asencio

Mentors: Simon Asencio, Lisa Vereertbrugghen

Regular Classes

Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld

Anja Röttgerkamp

Chloé Chignell

Marco Torrice

Lise Vachon


Reading Session with *rile

Chloé Chignell

Sven Dehens


Guest Artists 2020 - 2021

Regular Classes

Alessandra Populin

Lise Vachon

Tijen Lawton

Youness Khoukhou



Guest Artists 2019 - 2020

Collaborative project w/ Centrale for Contemporary Art

Adriano Wilfert Jensen

Cours à choix

Delphine Mertens


Guest Artists 2012 - 2018

Michele Rizzo
       Josef Wouters
Philipp Gehmacher
   Fabian Barba
Marcelo Evelin
          Camille Louis
  Mette Ingvartsen
  Maria Hassabi
        Mithkal Alzghair
  Faustin Linyekula
          Yvonne Rainer
  Louise Vanneste
           Pierre Droulers
Mårten Spångberg

Manou Phoun

         Béatrice Balcou

Dora Garcia

       Yves-Noël Genod

    David Zambrano
  Loïc Touzé
            Fleur Courtois
   Hayo David
Marie Martinez
Julia Sugranyes
   Ana Stegner
   Bruno Marin
  Michelle Swennen

        Alice Finichiu

Fernando Martin Lopez

      Jean Furst

   Lynda Gaudreau

 Arco Renz

              Isabelle Soupart

   Boris Charmaz

  Anna Rispoli

       Michelle Debat

   Britt Hatzius

                   Flore Grassiot

Stéphane KozikIvana Momcilovic

     Todor Todoroff

 Baptiste Conte

     Léa Drouet

Isabelle Stengers

    Mylène Lauzon

Denis Laurent
    Philippe Franck
Nicky Clayton
  Clive Wilkins
      Jacinto Lageira
  Thierry Bedard
Lydia Bollen
     George Pirson
                 Fabienne Aucant
           Ludovica Ricciardi

       Cristina Rizzo

Fernando Martin Lopez

STUDENTS 2021-2022



Bachelor Program

Adèle Dupe

Carlos Landaeta

Florie Laroche

Géraldine Hass

Inès Kechit Dridi

Joachim Noel

Ema September

Liza Siche-Chouan

Lucas Katangila

Luna Lambertucci

Nour Mary

Nabyl Ennasouh

Pierre-Louis Kerbart

Rafael Ferreira

Tomás de Souza

Zoe Hagen


Master Program 

Alice Giuliani

Alika Bourdon

Anna Kuch

Camilla Borud Strandhagen

Cathrin Jarema

Eli Mathieu Bustos
Ine Bonnaire

Lara Jazmín Ferrari

Loucka Elie Fiagan

Mallaury Scala

Margot Sarton du Jonchay

Max Ricat

Morgane Wadbled

Naama Fogiel Lewin

Odran Guillemard

Parvin Saljouqi

Ruben Badinter