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Sabine Cmelniski 

Born and raised in Brussels (Belgium), Sabine Cmelniski is the assistant Professor of EUR-ISAC teacher at ArBa-EsA. From her childhood tap dancing to contemporary dance and shiatsu, she has been interested in dance and bodywork since the age of 6. Sabine studied literature (Belgium) and choreography at the School of New Dance Choreography in Amsterdam. During her studies at SNDO, she created Friends with Benefits, a transdisciplinary platform exploring the notions of emotional work and friendship in the artistic sector. The research of Friends with Benefits has been deployed in several formats such as a performance festival, a solo piece, a workshop, a publication and the organisation of residencies. She also works as a dramaturge, performer and curator. She is completing a master's degree in Cultural Studies at KULeuven and is currently the co-artistic director of the Bâtard festival (Brussels), together with Bouchra Lamsyeh.

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