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Daniel Blangua-Gubbay

Daniel Blanga Gubbay is a Brussels-based curator and researcher. He directed  ISAC at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels from 2015 till 2019. He is currently co-artistic director of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts. He has worked as an independent educator / lecturer and curator for several discourse programs, including: Can Nature Revolt? , Manifesta, Palermo 2018; Black Market, Brussels 2016; The School of Exceptions, Santarcangelo 2016. He co-curated LiveWorks and He graduated with Giorgio Agamben from the Iuav University of Venice and holds a PhD in Cultural Studies in Palermo and Berlin. Recent articles have appeared in South as a State of Mind (Athens), Mada Masr مدى مصر(Cairo) and Performance Journal (New York). Recent conferences include: Politics of Co-Imagination (2019, Tangier); Dance Under Cover of a Fictional Rhythm (2018, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates); The Movement as Living Non-Body (New York 2018); Knowing the Unknown (Museum of Impossible Forms, Helsinki 2017) and Prophecies Without Content (American University of Beirut 2016).

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