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Enzo Pezzella 

After studying philosophy at the Oriental University of Naples, Enzo Pezzella trained in New York at the Martha Graham School and with Merce Cunningham. He then moved to Paris where he studied and trained with several choreographers (Maguy Marin, Josef Nadj, Paco Decina, Catherines Diverres, Régine Chopinot....) before moving to Brussels to produce his own shows. His artistic contributions also include training, creation, theoretical and practical arts development. Enzo is also the artistic coordinator of the ArBa-EsA, responsible for the elaboration and implementation of the annual artistic programme of the school. He is vice-president of the CIRPC association (International Centre for Research on Creative Practices) of the ArBA-EsA, scientific director of the Aurelio Petroni Foundation. (F.A.P.) in Italy, and co-founder of A.L.E.P.P.O (A Laboratory for Experiment in Performance and Politics).

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