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The Sound of Movement with Eszter Salamon | April 3

On April 3rd, 2018 at 6pm, ISAC and La Bellone will welcome the Hungarian choreographer Eszter Salamon at La Bellone as part of 'The Sound of Movement', a series of public rendezvous with international artists in the frame of their joint educational programme. Each artist is invited to share with the public a selection of five sound materials (rhythms, soundscapes, conversations, sounds or songs) that open up every a perspective on their artistic practices. The specificity of these meetings is thus listening to the itineraries of the invited artists, to open the practice of movement through sound.

The conversation will be moderated by Daniel Blanga-Gubbay in English This event is in parallel with Eszter Salamon's masterclass with ISAC students that will take place at l'Ecluse, the new studios dedicated to the department.

Eszter Salamon is a choreographer and performer. Since 2001 she has been creating solos and group pieces. Her work is presented internationally and she is also frequently invited to work in museums. Eszter Salamon uses choreography as an extended practice, understood as a machine to maneuver between different media: video, sound, music, text, voice, movement and body actions. In her early works, activation of the cognitive experience questions visual perception, sensation, and kinesthesia. Since 2005, her interest in documentary and female autobiography has resulted in a multiplicity of formats, such as a dance conference, a video-choreography or a monodrama. Her research on speculation and fiction led her to create TALES OF THE BODILESS, a futuristic, uninterpreted opera that imagined possible ways of life after the disappearance of humans. Recently, Eszter Salamon began a series of plays exploring both the concept of monument and the practice of a rewriting of history. Eszter Salamon lives in Berlin and Paris.

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